Looking 4 The Deals LLC is an ongoing operation that is dedicated to providing consumers with top quality at low costs.  We try and provide the newest trending items for consumers at a cost that is not only competitive in the marketplace, yet also will help the pocket of every consumer.  We want to help each and every consumer get the best deal possible along with a top notch buying experience from a trusted, reputable seller.
Tax Policy

Residents of Virginia and North Carolina are required to pay the state sales tax on items we sell.  We have locations in both states and therefor we must comply with state laws and charge sales tax to our fellow residents of these states.  Thank you for helping us provide jobs to our local community and for helping us grow in our current states!

Our shipping policy for 95% of our inventory is as follows below:

FREE First Class Shipment (Standard Shipping Method)

$5.00 for Priority Mail Expedited Shipment Flat Rate Bubble Padded (2-3 days)

$7.00 for Priority FLAT RATE Medium Box (2-3 Days however flat rate means one can order larger and get faster shipping and processing!)

$17.00 for Priority Mail Express Flat Rate Bubble Padded Envelopes (1-2 Day shipping!)

Contact us any time to work out deals on larger orders!  We are here to help.

Returns are 100% accepted. Send all returns back to L4TD Returns at 4613 Kresson Place, Raleigh, North Carolina 27616.  Please simply contact us prior to returning the item.  In certain scenarios such as hygienic items (toothbrushes, makeup, sexual items) than we must ask that the item be 100% unopened prior to returning.  In the case some packages are opened, than we can only return those items that have not been opened yet and refund accordingly.

Once again Please simply contact us at and we will try and take care of any and all worries you may have about your purchase!

Tel: 1(540)908-1217
Hours: 10:30AM-5:30PM EST Monday-Friday

Mailing Address:
Looking 4 The Deals LLC
4613 Kresson Place
Raleigh, NC 27616